Our Capabilities

Things We Control and Monitor

  • Waveguide switches (any type voltage or polarity)
  • Co-ax switches (any type voltage or polarity)
  • Amplifiers (HPA, MPA, LNB, Broad band, tunable amplifiers)
  • Power combiners (4 position, variable)
  • Alarms
  • Power detector interface



  • Uplink 1forN waveguide switch controllers
  • Redundant switch controllers (Uplink or Downlink)
  • Mimic Panels
  • VSAT controllers
  • VPC Controllers
  • Enunciator panels
  • Power control and monitoring
  • A 19" rack mountable panel with a silkscreen of your system system configuration.
  • Send us a sketch of your setup for a free quotation.  Show us how your switches and amplifiers are interconnected.

See Switch Controller Products page

Custom Solutions

C&M Systems is available to help find the right solution for your system.  Whether it's a small system such as 2 amplifiers and a switch, or a large system with any number of amplifiers and any number of waveguide switches, the right controller can be engineered and manufacturered to fit your needs.


See Custom Controllers page.