Welcome to C & M Systems! cONTROL pANELS & cUSTOM cONTROL PANELS

C&M Systems is a supplier of various types of waveguide and coax switch control panels used in the

satellite communications and earth station industry. Our product line includes an array of 1forN

controllers, mimic panels, power monitoring panels, low noise block (LNB) controllers, variable power

combiner (VPC) control panels, uplink, downlink controllers, cables, and an extensive custom panel design capability.

Whether it's our logo, your logo, or no logo on the product, we provide our customers with reliable,

cost effective solutions along with the support needed for successful applications.

Our controllers are designed for ease of use.  These panels use switches with tactile feedback along with long lasting LED indicators.  We fabricate using either steel or aluminum.  Control panels have a high grade scratch resistant surface.  A detailed silkscreen clearly shows your system configuration. System status is always clearly displayed without the headache of leveled menus.

We invite all station managers, engineers and technicians along with system integrators and installers to send in a sketch of you system for a free quotation of your application.


Visit our Capabilities Page for information on the things we control and monitor, the types of products that we offer "off-the-shelf", our modes of operation, and discussion of our custom solutions.

On our Products Pages, you will find photographs and descriptions of our inventory products.

The Custom Controllers Page describes some of the custom applications we have designed and links to the photographs.